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What Android Apps Should I Get?

You did it! Finally! You've got your brand new Android phone and now you're ready to...what? What can you do with this amazing piece of hardware you've been waiting to get?

You know a few apps to download based on what your best friend told you. You might take a few pictures or download that hot shot of your favorite actor or athlete. Then what do you do?

If you're anything at all like me, you'll waste tons of hours and downloads trying to find the perfect apps for you. You'll download games because they have one cool screenshot posted in the Android Market and then find out they're garbage after you've started playing them. You might download 15 different picture apps to see which one is the best.

All of this time spent downloading apps robs you of the time you spent downloading, not to mention the time you'll spend recharging your phone every 2-3 hours because downloads use up a lot of battery life. You'll go through tons of aggravation trying to get some of the apps to uninstall because the developers don't really like it when you take their app back off of your phone after installing it. (Every phone they're not on is money they can't make after all.)

How do you avoid this? It's actually fairly easy if you listen to the staff of The Android Apps HQ. They've compiled a book full of screenshots and descriptions to help you figure which apps you'll want to get started with. The book lists the top games, photography, music, and shopping apps for you to download, and it even has a QR Code for every single app in the book to make it easier to get the app to your phone!

In addition to being able to download the book, they also have an always-increasing library of reviews and news for everything that's going on in the world of the Android OS. Games that are coming, new devices, even just small tweaks...articles are being added all of the time for the best one-stop-shop on the Internet for Android Apps! Don't forget to visit The Android Apps HQ for all of your Android Apps needs!

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